Thursday, May 28, 2009

FLowers and Cheese

This post is a little delayed, but better late than never. As we get closer to the official start of summer I'm hankering for some outdoor time and some simple food. Here's what i came up with....
This should probably be the second pict, but oh well. Above is some homemade bread that I used some of the leftover whey in from the homemade mozzarella below. Dipped in some deliciously garlicky olive oil it was divine.

And yes, you heard me correctly, I made mozzarella. I was actually fairly quick and easy. I used this kit which my husband smartly gave me for my b-day. This is just the beginning of my cheese making forays. I've actually since learned to make Ricotta which is even easier and homemade withorganic milk, beats store bought any day! Cheese and veggies  = simple and soooo good!
And I started some planting on our little deck which allows us to dine al fresco in a garden like atmosphere. This picture is actually from several weeks ago. Some Miracle Grow soil paired with a whole lot of rain has these guys all at least twice the size of what see here already.

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