Friday, January 30, 2009

You've Gotta Protect Your Files

Sometimes a girl's just gotta whip up a pretty little laptop sleeve for her iBook before a pending business trip. Especially if the one she had (and liked) was somehow puked on by the precious little kitty in the previous post. I used some Leftover curtain fabric I had in my stash with a really soft green flannel for the inside. Between the two layers I added some extra padding in the way of felted wool. I finished her up with a little pink handstiching...and voila! I just have to keep this one out of little kitties reach.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Totally Necessary

Seeing as we've been having a pretty cold winter here I had to make this discrete, matelesse bean stuffed tube to keep the chilly drafts at bay. This door that leads to our deck is framed a little less than perfectly and when the wind is a whipping you can really feel it coming through the bottom.
As a precautionary measure I also felt it necessary to crochets a little cap for my little cat. I think she really appreciates it despite the look on her face. And don't worry, it ties around her neck in case she feels the need to shake it off :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Back from Holiday Hiatus

I've been a total blog slacker lately and I feel that guilt that only a blog can make you feel. However after the "Winter Salestice," then the holidays I needed a little break. A little break from forced crafting, baking, shopping and overall doing. I was tired from the extremely rapid pace this holiday season flew by in....and by the fact that I have A BUN IN THE OVEN! Yaaaay. There's my news for the new year. Hopefully it was worth the wait for a blog post.

Anyway, despite the fact that the holidays flew by, they were quite enjoyable. Some of my favorite parts were: my nephews Christmas Eve-Eve sleepover we had. They're growing up. I realized this when decorating gingerbread men involved "testicles," this year.

We also has an awesome trip to Vt. I had fun even though I couldn't snowboard. There were 14 of us in a big house with a fireplace and a hot tub (which I also could not partake in). I did play drinking games with water and hung out and relaxed and all -in-all enjoyed some fine company.

Tree chopping and our annual "Emmit Otter's Jugband Christmas," viewing round out my holiday activities. Of course with plenty of time with family and friends as well.

Above is one of my favorite images from this Christmas.